Louis D'Amico & Mudfish Pottery
Our Classes

Our classes are for every level of ability from beginning students to those who have had more experience. Our classes are small so we can pay a lot of attention to our students.

Some classes meet weekly for 2.5 hours; workshops meet for different amounts of time depending on what they are. See the list of classes and workshops below for more specific information. Students who want more time can work during open studio time; 1-5 pm on Friday and Saturday.

The studio is equipped with 8 wheels, electric and raku kilns, slab roller and an extruder. There are glazes, slips and washes for high and low temperature firing (cone 04, & 6). We make all of our cone 6 and raku glazes and we supply colored slips for decorating.

Interior and exterior storage areas are available to all students. We supply all necessary tools and equipment.

Gift Certificates are available!

Beginning Pottery
This class covers the basics of working in clay includes throwing on the wheel, hand building and using colored slips and glazes. Throwing on the wheel is the technique used to make cups, bowls and other functional items. Hand building involves using basic techniques such as coils, slabs and texturing surfaces. This technique can be used for making both functional and decorative objects of all kinds.


This course will expose students to the basic concepts of all sculpture: structure, form and space. All of the techniques of hand building will be used as well as pinch, carving and slab building, students can work figuratively making masks, heads, animals and narrative imagery or they can work abstractly, adding shapes and forms or building abstract structures. All work will be fired, colored with slips for painted images or decoration and glazed or dry-stained.


RAKU: (Two weekends)
Raku is an amazing and unique ceramic technique that produces spectacular metallic surfaces and crackling effects.

(3 sessions) This workshop will use two techniques, slab and drape mold, to make two kinds of containers: boxes and bowls. These will be textured and decorated using colored slips and glazed.

We also offer workshops in drum making, journal platters and decorative tile.
Please contact us at 505 873-0609 for times and dates for all classes and workshops.

Put your own group together! Contact us for more information.

*To visit our studio please call in advance to set up an appointment.